Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 Day Fasting Detox =)

Well I have done something in the last 3 days that I never thought I would do...

A 3 Day Fasting Detox!

Wow was it an experience :)

Started on Monday @ 8pm and Ending tonight @ 8pm will be 72 Hours of ????

On Monday I was ready to Go and up for the challenge...Made it through Tuesday w/ only Water/Tea and and then @ 7pm I needed a little something because I was very weak and tired so I made a Smoothie(Spinach/carrots/Strawberries/Blueberries/Walnuts and had a cup of that. Wednesday was great - did abs @ the gym along w/ calves and a little cardio - was getting ready for bed and had to have 2 strawberries & 2 hand fulls of blueberries...Now it is Thursday and it also is going GREAT! I feel Better within just knowing that FOOD doesn't control me - I CONTROL the FOOD! And Also I am not bloated or have a sick feeling in my body!

I am ready to start fresh and this was just the way to setup for the change!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Life is cRaZy and I'm happy w/ that!

O Yes I am...I have been Working-out for around 4 months now and I thought I was busy before (whatever) I had it made...I work Monday thru Friday at an awesome job! and then I get to spend quality time w/ my husband who has worked out for over 10 years (very disciplined)on Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sun @ the gym. We have planned it so we can go together (love that, keeps me on track :))

I was never athletic and hated to run (seriously HATED to run) but now I have ran a mile loved it!! (started w/ just a minute of running and built up) I am getting addicted to it now. We are trying to eat better and work on healthy habits...

I feel so much better!! I have more energy then I have ever had and I just feel better about myself...I have only lost about 7-8 lbs but I have toned up muscle where I didn't even know there was muscle!!
I also have started eating Oatmeal and Blueberries for breakfast...that is a GREAT start to changing habits if you are interested.

I have had a great experience these last 4 months and I am motivated to stay in the game! I Love my crazy life!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bought a Sewing Machine - Now on to other Projects!!

Larry the Sock Monkey

This is my first Experiance w/ a sewing machine/needles/thread etc...
If you know me my mom is the "I Can make Anything" kinda person and I am the "I'll be fine w/out it or I will save my money and buy it" kinda person. Well I seen the Sock Monkey Pattern and thought I can do this and they are so CUTE!! So Above is my finish Product!!!